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The Honest Liar Podcast

Aug 20, 2019

In today’s episode of The Honest Liar, I speak about how important it is to always make time for yourself and your significant other.  The impossible game as I like to call it.

Making time for just you and your significant other without your kids is important. As terrible as this may sound, it’s okay to take time and leave your kids.

When I planned this trip and committed to it financially with my wife, I knew there was no turning back. I kept filling my head with stories of guilt, fear, and doubt.

Realizing that my wife and I haven’t been away for more than 2 days alone without kids, this was well deserved. It is so important to continue to date your significant other.

I coursed corrected and took action to spend this quality time with my wife. We had no plan of who was going to help with our kids, dogs, or even business but we took the leap and we’re having the best time enjoying connection we almost lost.

So, I challenge you to make a commitment to do something that you think is impossible. Take the leap, it’s always worth it in the long run.

Doing this podcast is a part of my journey of owning my darkness/light, and for anyone else listening to be inspired to leverage theirs to create the world they desire.

Productive Principles:
•Accepting Ourselves Every Day
•Loving Myself

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