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The Honest Liar Podcast

Dec 16, 2019

Hello this is Franco Cabral broadcasting from the honest liar podcast a conversation around finding the inner liar within all of us and leveraging the truth to create expansion across all areas of your life....todays topic is….Bright Fire!

Everyone wants to ignite Fire in their life, but few people build a fire with the intention of making it last…

It’s easy to say… 

I want a marriage that’s on fire, I want a body that is weaponized, I want a deep spiritual connection, I want an authentic and powerful relationship with my kids, I want a business that I love and is raining profits, BUT you have to also choose the dark that comes with all of the light. 

My wife and I got to a place where we have now truly chosen each other with eyes wide open and committed to loving each other knowing all of us. The fire that is burning now is hotter and more real than ever before, but we are 100% responsible for keeping it burning bright!

This conversation today is about how we got to this bright fire and how to build a fire that is built to last.


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