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The Honest Liar Podcast

Jan 27, 2020

Saturday night I was having fun during a “jam session,” (At least in my head it was lol) aka YouTube lesson with Marty music teaching me my 4th chord on the guitar, and I was excited because I was making progress. My wife even commented that it was getting better. Her encouragement inspired me to record a practice session and post it on my social media channels. After the 8th recording before posting I realized that there were some serious stories of not feeling good enough going through my head. 

“I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH YET”…ever tell yourself that? Well I did. Tune in to learn how I pushed past these fears and pressed the “POST” button.

Topics: #guitar #harmony #balance #target #2020 #newyear #entrepreneur #success #business #dad #life #music #husbsand #fear #goals #motivation #inspiration 

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