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The Honest Liar Podcast

Feb 11, 2020

Hello this is Franco Cabral broadcasting from the honest liar podcast a conversation around finding the inner liar within all of us and leveraging the truth to create expansion across all areas of your life....todays topic is….Fight for liberty!
Yesterday during a coaching session within Forge Legend Pod I heard a very powerful speech by Charlie Chaplin around the time of World War II.  This was the quote that stood out to me the most…”Don’t fight fo slavery, fight for liberty!”
Then the question that I posed to myself was…How often do I enslave myself and choose to fight for what I need vs what I want? 
These were all of the areas that came up for me yesterday…This Podcast, my Marriage, my Kids, my Body, my Finances.
Lesson - When you focus on what you want the you set your self free from what you need. 
Apply - Identify 3 places in your life where you are being a slave to something you created, and Identify what you actually want for each of those areas that would set you free.
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