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The Honest Liar Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

Hello this is Franco Cabral broadcasting from the honest liar podcast a conversation around finding the inner liar within all of us and leveraging the truth to create expansion across all areas of your life....todays topic is…Life Mission
Do you want to have it all? Who doesn’t? Here is a dirty little secret…you can have it all, but you can’t get it “all” at the same time.
Success in life is about harmony not balance. On todays episode I share a powerful frame that I created recently while coaching a client that has unlocked the key to having it all for me and many of my coaching clients. Tune in to learn how you can have it all too…
  • 10x growth con VIP experience
  • Friends reaching out.
Applicable exercise: 
Step 1 - List all of the things that would define your “have it all”
Step 2 - Define 1, 2, 3 life missions
Step 3 - List 3 acceptable losses you know you must take you haven’t been willing to 
Topics: #faith #spirituality #harmony #balance #target #2020 #entrepreneur #success #business #dad #life #music #husband
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