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The Honest Liar Podcast

Aug 13, 2019

In today’s episode of The Honest Liar, I speak about how important gratitude is and why simplicity is so important.

Being in a dark place a year ago I needed to figure how to love myself, and get rid of the repetitive reps of fear, doubt, and insecurity. I was ready to make a change but wasn’t sure where to begin. Gratitude is definitely not something you learn it’s something you acquire and practice.

I needed to hold myself accountable and had to start doing estimable things for myself. Every great journey starts with a single step. That simple step is gratitude, start a journal, and take 2 minutes out of your hectic schedule to record a voice memo, about why you love yourself.

Set your intentions change is not accidental. Without being able to be grateful and look back at things I have done, I would burn out and become resentful. This caused me to course correct and also take a date night for myself once a week. Show yourself gratitude first, and watch your energy completely shift.

So, I challenge you to start your own daily gratitude practice! Start simple with “I get to do this” not “I have to do this”.

Doing this podcast is a part of my journey of owning my darkness/light, and for anyone else listening to be inspired to leverage theirs to create the world they desire.

Productive Principles:
•Accepting Ourselves Every Day
•Loving Myself

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