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The Honest Liar Podcast

Jul 19, 2019

“What comes on the other side of fear is power”
Welcome back to The Honest Liar podcast. In our second episode, I discuss the origin of this podcast: What does the name mean? How did this all start? Why am I even doing this? That last question is the most important. 


December 2018, during a Warrior convention at a meditation session I heard “The Voice”, which I now truly believe was God speaking to me, tell me “It’s time to broadcast!”. From then on, starting a podcast was a goal I had set, but the issue came with the fact that I didn’t know exactly why I wanted to start. At first, the reasoning was to leave a legacy of lessons for my children, and while that’s an amazing idea, there were other ways to accomplish this than broadcasting to the world. So no, that answer wasn’t good enough and I knew it. The true answer was revealed through a process of self-reflection and self-acceptance. 


Doing this podcast is a part of my journey of owning my darkness/light, and for anyone else listening to be inspired to leverage theirs to create the world they desire.


Productive Principles:
  • Spirituality- Focusing on improving the quality of our spirit, regardless of religious beliefs
  • Facing Our Fears
  • Overcoming Darkness
  • Accepting Ourselves Every Day


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