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The Honest Liar Podcast

Sep 9, 2019

Singles are not sexy…


In today's episode of The Honest Liar, I speak about how consistency is key. When I first started my journey and committed to Wake-Up Warrior, it was all about the reps and effort I put in. Yes, I saw the perfection aspect and created stories of fear and doubt to stop, but I pushed through.

It’s all about routine and getting your mind into that positive state. Singles are not sexy, we all strive for the home runs but here’s when we need to step back and recourse. It’s important we understand that it all starts with a small commitment.

I focused on the daily game which is based on Body, Being, Balance, and Business- The Core 4, which is 1 point for every area. Each day starting from the moment I wake up I track my progress to see where I am. This small step makes a significant impact, and re-wires your brain on how you think.

So, I challenge you to do the same, add up your points and what you have achieved for the day.


Core 4 Recap:


              ½ Fitness

              ½ fuel


               ½ Meditation

               ½ Journal


                ½ Daily Deposit

                ½ Daily Deposit


                 ½ Discover

                 ½ Declare 


Productive Principles:




•Loving Myself


•Overcoming Fear 

•Taking Initiative



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