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The Honest Liar Podcast

Jul 30, 2019

In today’s episode of The Honest Liar, I will be sharing with you an exercise I learned at a previous Warrior conference that was essential in me creating the foundation for my journey of self-improvement. This is the first interactive episode and I’m very excited to share.


Unlocking Our Truths Exercise
  • Create Physical Space- create a relaxed environment where you can be fully present with your self. No phones, no distractions, but plenty of time and patience.
  • Create Mental Space- Spend 5-10 minutes sitting in silence or meditating. We want a mind clear of all thoughts so we can start reflecting on how we’re taking care of ourselves physically.
  • Grab a notepad or journal- Highly recommend not taking these notes on a digital device. We don’t want a potential distraction and written out by hand will be a more beneficial experience, I promise. 
  • Take 5 minutes to write down the current “Fruits” in your body- Write all of the “truths”, not feelings, that exist in your body today (Weight, substance use, exercise consistency,  nutrition, health issues, etc.)
  • Take 5 minutes to write down all your feelings- For every “Fruit” you listed in the previous step, write next to it one word that expresses your feelings towards that “fruit”. This is an important step. We want to be raw and authentic when doing this process and it will be emotional. Optional: If you have extra time, try to write out why you have those feelings. 
  • Take 5 minutes to go over the Focus- What are the stories, behaviors, or patterns that exist for you producing that “fruit”. What is the reasoning behind that “fruit”?
  • Take 2 minutes to identify the Facts?- For every “fruit”, determine if it’s working for you or not. This is a simple step, but it will be impactful in guiding you in building a new foundation.
  • Repeat- Do this process again with the concepts of Being, Balance, and Business
* This process will be emotional, but you have to be honest and authentic during this process in order to truly get the most out of this exercise.
Productive Principles:
  • Accepting Pain
  • Body-How am I taking care of my Body?
  • Being- Evaluating our spiritual selves
  • Balance- All our most important relationships
  • Business- Evaluating our financial situation


As always, please feel free to reach out to me. Whether it’s about today’s exercise,  my previous episodes, or your own journey, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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