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The Honest Liar Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

Today is fight day! I started this journey 10 months ago when I decided that I wanted to become the man that can step in the ring. 

I embraced the physical part of the journey, I put in the reps and I am physically ready for my fight. This required being consistent on sleep, diet, and training sessions. However, I didn’t expect the emotional shit storm that I have been battling within myself to become that man. 

This process has broken me and made me. I discovered what truly happens when you force yourself way beyond your comfort zone. I had to destroy the version of myself and the stories that existed when I started this journey. The process has been painful and beautiful. 

Fear is your biggest catalyst to expansion. Fear means go! 

What are you most afraid of and who would you have to become to be on the other side of that fear?


Productive Principles




Overcoming fear

Positive Mindset



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