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The Honest Liar Podcast

Oct 28, 2019

In today's episode of The Honest Liar, I have my business partner/friend/brother Marco Vitolo with me. Partnerships can be amazing or they can be a disaster...

During our conversation we discuss the beauty and challenges of our partnership across all aspects of our lives, including business and family.  

Marco and I were fortunate enough to have found each other at the same crossroad between professional success and personal happiness. Take a journey with us to find out how we navigated the road together. 



·       Partnerships

·       Entrepreneurship

·       Happiness

·       Growth

·       Life Values

·       Work Culture

·       Ego

·       Freedom

·       Challenges

·       Meditations

·       Communication

·       Collision

·       Stories vs. Facts

·       Simplicity

·       Trust

·       Transparency


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